Task Step

A Task Step is a single action that is executed as a part of a Task.  Each Task  can have one or more steps which are ran in a specified order.


A Task could have two steps.  The first step Sends an Email and the second step toggles a project switch.

Each Task Step carries out one of the following actions:

Action Description
Send Message Template Send a message template.
Execute Task Execute a Child Task.


A Task Step has the following properties:

Property Description
Task The task this step belongs to.
Step Type The action that the step will take when it is executed.
E.g. Send Message Template
Ordinal When this step should be executed relative to other steps in the Task. Smaller Ordinals will be executed first.

Task Context

If the Task has a Task Context, then this will be used when executing the Task Step.


A Task Context of Submission 0034 when sending a message template will apply this submission as a filter to that Message Template