Data Trigger

Task Data Trigger

A Data Trigger is a type of Task Trigger that is fired when an event occurs in the system.


Submission is completed.
Reviewers are assigned to submissions.

Any Tasks that are configured with a Data Trigger will be executed when the relevant event has happened in the system.

When a Data Trigger is fired, details of the objects associated with the event are passed to the Task. These provide a Task with Context and are used when the Task's Steps are executed.


If Submission 0034 is completed, details of Submission 0034 are passed to the Task when the data trigger is fired.

The following types of Data Trigger are currently available:

Type Description Context
SubmissionEditBySubmitterComplete Fired when a submitter completes a submission. The submission that has been completed.
CustomerOrderPlaced Fired when a new order is created in the system. The order that has been placed.
CustomerOrderPaid Fired when an order is marked as Paid. The order that has been paid.
AssignmentsMade Fired when reviewer(s) are assigned to submission(s) The reviews that have been created.


Data Triggers do not support delaying execution. See Scheduled Tasks.

Adding a Data Trigger

A Data Trigger is added to a Task from the Task's Settings screen.

Add a Data Trigger to a Task

Click on the Add button for the Data Trigger and the choose the type of Data Trigger required.

Configuring a Data Trigger

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