Changing the PreCheckout Message

Some projects have a pre-checkout screen as part of the checkout process.

This screen is used to collect additional information about an order before a customer is sent to a payment gateway for payment processing.

At the top of the pre-checkout screen, a message is displayed.  By default, in an information alert panel is shown

but you can change the HTML to anything you like.

If one or more items being purchased has a non-zero price then the message displayed is: 

If the items in the order are all free of charge then the message displayed is:

It is possible to customise both of these messages for your project.

Start by clicking on the Settings Icon on the main navigation bar to take you to the Settings Page.

On the Settings Dashboard, click on the Edit button

Scroll to the PreCheckout Message fields

Enter the messages you want and then click on Save. This will replace the html in the information alert panel.


If the messages are left blank then the default messages will be displayed.


If the fields are not present then contact to have them added into your project