Creating an Order from a Customer Basket

Sometimes a customer will add items into their shopping basket but not actually go through the checkout process to create the order.

This may be because they:

  • Want to pay by another means.
  • Are not able to follow the checkout process.

In these cases, it is possible for an Administrator to convert the customer's basket into an order by either

  • Place the order on your customer's behalf.
  • Converting the basket items into an order.


This article is for converting a customer's shopping basket to paid order.  For marking an existing order as paid, see Marking an Order as Paid.

Start off by going to the Commerce Dashboard by clicking on the Commerce button in the main menu at the top of the page

Click on Customers to go to the Customers grid.

Find the customer using the filters and scrolling.  Click on View next to the customer whose basket needs to be converted into an order.

If the customer has any items in their cart then they will be displayed on the Customer screen along with any other items that they have previously bought.

Click on Create Order. You will be displayed. 


If the Create Order button is missing it is because the customer does not have any items in their shopping basket.

You will be see details of the customer's shopping basket along with two options:

Option 1 - Place order on behalf of customer

This option will take you through the checkout process as if you were the customer.  You will be prompted for their details and their credit card/payment information.

This is useful if your customer is having problems with the checkout process and you want to complete the checkout over the phone.

Click on Checkout to continue the checkout process as if you were logged on as that customer.

Option 2 - Convert basket to order

This option will immediately convert the contents of the basket into an Order.  The checkout process is ignored.

This option is useful if a customer has added items to their basket and you don't require them to checkout; they want to pay you later; or they have paid you directly, outside of the system.

If you want the order to be marked as paid then change the Mark as Paid slider.

Click Create Order.

The order will be created and your browser will redirect to display the new order