Viewing and Downloading Invoices

Project Administrators and Customers can download invoices for items that have been ordered and/or paid for.

There are three ways to view invoices:

  • Viewing individual Invoice (Customer).
  • Viewing individual Invoice (Administrator).
  • Invoice Reports.


Before invoices can be viewed, they need to be turned on and configured. (See Configuring Sales Invoices for more details).

View Single Invoice (Customer)

Whenever a customer places an order, they are taken to the MyOrders page where their orders are displayed.

From here, they can click on the Invoice button on any of their orders to see and then download the invoice.

View Single Invoice (Administrator)

Start by going to the Orders grid from the main Commerce Dashboard.

Filter to find the required order and then click on View.

Click on the Invoice button to view the Invoice in a slide out window and optionally download a copy using the buttons at the bottom.

Invoice Reports

Administrators can download reports containing all or a set of invoices from the Reporting Dashboard.

Click on the Orders Invoice report button and then choose the orders to include and the format for the report.