Payment Gateways

This section details the payment gateways supported by Smart.

Gateway Description
FoxyCart A universal payment gateway with built in support for Paypal, Stripe, WorldPay and many more
BarclayCard Direct integration with Barclaycard.
UMarket A payment gateway for the University of Utah.
Sage Pay Sage Pay from integration

Sage Pay


This section is incomplete

Guide to set up Sage Pay

Order Data Definition must have Order Transaction Fields for billing and shipping - First name - Last name - Address Line 1 - City - Zip/Postal code - Country

Ensure that the encryption key and vendor is correct. Ensure that the currency in the project matches the settings at Sage Pay. Sage Pay only accepts 2 letter country codes. To achieve this add a Multiple Choice field with the CountryAlpha2Codes and OrderTransactionFieldSendOptionData settings along with the usual PopulateBeforeCheckout and OrderTransactionField settings.


If there are any problems, including wrong encryption key, wrong currency, wrong Order data definition or wrong user input Sage Pay will show the "Error processing transaction" screen with status detail 5080. For most issues arising from wrong Order data definition or wrong user input, we have checks in place which give a more detailed error message and does not redirect to Sage Pay if anything wrong is detected. However, there can be cases which are not caught by the checks and still result in the 5080 error page.