Add or Edit Product

The Edit Product wizard enables a single Product to be edited.


This screen is accessible from the Products List page.

Edit an Product

Complete the wizard and click on Save on any panel in the wizard.

Work your way through the wizard clicking on Next after each panel has been completed.


If you are editing an existing product, then click on the heading of the section to jump straight to it.


Complete all the questions in the Details panel and then click Next to continue.


Enter the unique name of the product.


This will be displayed at the top of the tile on the My Registrations dashboard.


The name should be short and descriptive_


Student Ticket
Day 1 Ticket
Evening Dinner


This should be a short and unique abbreviation of the name.


Enter the Type of Product.

See Type for more help on choosing the right type.

Total Number

Enter the total amount of this product that you want to sell. If you dont want to limit the amount you can sell set this to 100000 to make it unlimited.


Complete the Short and Long descriptions for the product and click Next.

Short Description

Here you can put a short description that will be shown on the tile on the My Registrations dashboard.

Long Description

Here you can put the whole description. This will be used in the Add Basket Item wizard to give users full details of the product they wish to purchase.



This step is optional but having images for your products will improve the user experience for your customers.

Each product can have up to three images:

Full Image

This can optionally be used when displaying the product tile on the My Registrations dashboard.

Square Image

This is used when displaying the contents of a shopping basket to a customer.

Letterbox Image

This is used when displaying the product tile on the My Registrations dashboard and at the start of the Add Basket Item wizard.


Each product can have multiple prices to cover different scenarios.

Click on Add Price to add a new price for this product:


You can add multiple prices with different Availability and Required Ticket as necessary.

After adding prices, click on Next.


Choose when this price is available. If this price is always available then select Always.


Early, Normal and Late starting times are controlled in Commerce Settings.

Required Ticket

Some products can only be purchased for an attendee if that attendee has a specific type of ticket.

Also, different Attendees may need to pay different amounts for the product.

Choose the type of Ticket that this price is for using the drop down. If this product has the same price for all ticket holders or does not require a ticket then choose None.


Enter the price of the product.


The currency used for the product is set in the Commerce Settings.


Here you can set how many of this particular product a single attendee can purchase.

Enter the number. If the amount is unlimited then enter 100000 for the number.

Click Next to continue.


Here you can review what you are about to add/edit. If everything is how you want it click Add and your Product will be added to the project.


If you are editing an existing product then the Add button will save Save.


You have successfully edited/added a product.