Product Settings

A Product can have the following settings:

Attendee Field Visibility

This setting controls how Attendee fields behave in the Add Basket Item Wizard when adding a Product to a basket.

It has two properties

  • Attendee Field
  • Visibility

where Visibility can be one of

  • Hidden
  • Read Only

To make a field editable again, remove this setting from the Product


The product Evening Meal may need a dietary requirements questions but the product Tour of Facility may not so the Attendee Field Visibility setting is turned on for Tour of Facility and set to Hidden

These settings can also be used to control whether products that are added for existing attendees enable users to edit fields that have already been answered


A ticket has been added for John Smith. When the ticket was added the user was asked for Badge Label and Hotel Name. Later a Evening Dinner social event is added for John Smith. At this stage, his Badge Label is to not be editable and so a Attendee Field Visibility setting is added to Evening Dinner and set to Read Only.