Communications Dashboard

The Communications Dashboard can be found on the Side Navigation Bar.


You must be logged on as an Administrator to view the Commmunications dashboard.

The default dashboard layout looks like this:

The default layout of the dashboard

The following navigation tiles are available:

  • Message Templates – the list of message templates available for this project.

  • Messages – the number of messages created so far.

  • Recipients – the number of recipients for the messages.

  • Distribution groups – this is reserved for a future feature.

Each of these navigational tiles will take you into the next part of the system.


The following feeds are available on the communications dashboard:

  • Latest Sent Emails – a list of the latest emails sent out by the system (in chronological order).

  • Most Failed Emails – recipients of failed emails order by the largest number of failed emails per submitter first.

  • Latest Failed Emails – a list of failed emails in chronological order.


This chart shows the percentage of messages delivered per message template. This will populate over time and with use.