Question Settings

Each Question Form Element in a Form can have a number of settings applied to it.


Use the Form Editor to edit these settings.


Form Element Settings are not the same as FIeld Definition Settings though both are access through the Form Editor

These settings apply to Field in a Question and override any Field Definition Settings.

These settings apply to the Field in the context of the Form only. Fields outside of a Form do not have these settings applied.

Read Only

Mark the question in the form as read only. Users of the Form will not be able to edit the answer to the question.

This is useful if a question is repeated from an earlier form as a reminder for users but they are not allowed to edit the answer they gave previously


A submission that has passed abstract review and is now in paper status may have the submission title marked as read only so that it can be seen but not edited.

Ignore Validation


This setting is depreciated. Use Field Definition Validation with Status Linking instead.

Tell a question in a form to ignore any validation applied to it by the Field Definition Settings.

This is useful if a field that will be mandatory in a later stage will not be mandatory at this stage.

Show Attribute Icons

Indicate if special icons should be displayed next to the field in the form to give additional information about the field.


A padlock icon is displayed next to a field that has restricted visibility to other users.


A star icon is displayed next to a field that is mandatory.