How to add a Form to a project

This article describes how to add a new Form to a project so that data can be collected from submitters and reviewers.


Start by clicking on the Settings Icon on the main navigation bar to take you to the Settings Page.

On the Settings Page find and click on the Forms setting. This will take you to the Forms List.

Forms List

Click on the Add Form button to show the Add Form slide out panel

Add Form


Enter the Name for the form.


Use the status and type of submission in the name E.g. Abstract Submission or Paper Review.

Data Definition

Choose the Data Definition to use for the Form. The choice of Data Definition will affect what data is collected by the Form.


To collect submission data, choose Submission.
To collect review data, choose Review.

Add Form


This options available for Data Definition may vary from project to project.

The Data Definition will control which existing fields can be added to the Form and also where new Field Definitions will be stored.


Click Add Form and your new form will be added to the bottom of the the Form List.


You have now added your new form.

Your new form will be empty. You can edit it by clicking on the Edit button next to it. See Form Editor for more information.