Adding a new page to your form

Adding a new page is as simple as clicking the Add Page button and then changing the position of the new page.

Firstly, navigate to the form editor (See: Editing Forms)

With the Form tab selected from the icons down the left side of the toolbox, click the Add Page button to create a blank new page.

In the navigation bar at the bottom of the window, your new page will appear to the right of the existing pages. You can drag and drop any page to a new position.

Changing the Label will change the name of the page in the navigation bar.

To delete a page, click on the Delete Page button from inside any page.


Deleting a page will not delete the fields on the page, these fields will remain in the project but not part of the form.


If you have a Required validation on a field that is status linked to a form via a form status link and remove the question from the form e.g. by deleting the page with the field on that page, the field remains status linked and required which will cause the status to never be considered complete.