Configuring a question

Once you have added a new question (field) to your form, you are going to want to configure it and possibly change it's behaviour. This article describes how to make the changes you need to make.

Firstly, navigate to the form editor (See: Editing Forms)

Use the Page buttons at the bottom of the form to navigate to the page that has the question to be edited.

Click on the current question text in the left hand pane to open the toolbox for that field. By default, the Prompt tab will display.

The question prompt

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to change the prompt that displays on the form.

However, if you would like more control over the appearance of the text, you can click on Source. This will switch the editor to HTML mode where you can directly edit the HTML that creates the question. This will allow much greater control over elements such as font type, colour and style.


Edit the div or P tag to include a style attribute such as style="font-size: 14pt; color: red;" to change the appearance of the text.

The question settings

Clicking on the Details tab will expose the settings for this field. By default, only the Status Link setting will have been applied (assuming a status link setting has been applied to the form). This is where the behaviour, visibility, validation and other settings can be controlled.

Field Name

By default, your new field will be given a name to match its field type. We recommend renaming the field to something that closely represents the question it is asking. This will help you when locating the field at a later date.

  • Label (Singular) is the name that is refereed to in grids, reports, dashboards etc. when there is only one of these items
  • Label (Plural) is the name that is used throughout the system when there are multiple instances of this item
  • Help is the text tat appears for the user to help them better understand what the field is requesting.


Use the wand icon to the right of the field name to help you autocomplete


For certain field types (Multiple Choice and Multiple Select) you are able to define and control the options that are available when the user selects their answer(s). Read this guide on editing field options to see more on how to control these options.

Object Types Data Types
Submission Contributor
Multiple Choice
Multiple Select


See Settings guide for more information on how to set up validation for the field.


See Validation Settings guide for more information on how to set up validation for the field.


See Behaviour Settings guide for more information on how to set up the behaviour of the field.


See Visibility Settings guide for more information on the visibility options for the field.

Derived Field

See Derived Field Settings guide for more information on how to derive values for the field.