Editing Question Options

Both review and submission forms can have a number of multiple choice questions.  This article describes how to edit those options.

Firstly, navigate to the form editor (See: Editing Forms)

Use the Page buttons at the bottom of the form to navigate to the page that has the multiple choice question on it

Click on the multiple choice question to be edited.  The question will become highlighted and the toolbox on the right hand side will open. Click on the Options button in the toolbox.

A screen will slide out showing all the options for the question, in this example we are editing the options for Final Presentation Type:

To add a new option, click on Add and a new option will appear at the bottom of the list

To edit an option, click in the Label box and change the text.

To disable or hide an option use the dropdown box on the right hand side.

To change the order of an option click and drag the Up/Down on the left hand side of the option

To delete an option, click on the Delete button on the right hand side

To change the default option that appears before a submitter makes a choice, enter a label in the section under the options that will display as the default when no option has been chosen.

TIP: We tend to put a double dash "--" before and after the label so it stands out as something very different to the options that are valid.  You don't have to do this but it may maintain consistency across the form(s).

All changes are saved immediately.  When you have finished editing, click on Close to close the slide out panel and then click on the green Close button to close the editor


If you delete an option that is already in use for a submission/review then the answer to the question will be permanently lost.  If you're not sure then just disable or hide the option which will preserve any existing answers.


Make sure that the question prompt is still valid following your option changes.   E.g. If your question says 'Please choose one of the following three options' and you have just added a fourth multiple choice option, then you need to change the wording on your question.


Changes to a question could invalidate other questions on your form.  Please make sure that the rest of the form is still ok following your changes.


Option Labels must be unique and you cannot have two options with the same label.