This article gives an overview of the Reviewing module in a Smart Project.

In Smart, reviewing means the process of assigning Submissions to reviewers for them to review and provide feedback.  Once reviewed, decisions can be made about the submissions including whether to accept, reject, or collect more data about the submissions.


An academic conference has had 400 abstract submissions made by submitters.  These get assigned to 20 reviewers who are experts in their fields.  These reviewers review the submissions and provide feedback and scores for the submissions.  Based on these reviews, the administrator can then accept or reject submissions.

Within a project, there are two main screens that are used for reviewing:

  • My Reviews Dashboard
  • Reviewing Dashboard

My Reviews Dashboard

This dashboard is a landing page for reviewers to find out more about a project and to review the submissions that have been assigned to them. 

My Reviews Dashboard

There is also help and information for the reviewer to understand the process as well as links to download spreadsheets and documents with details of the submissions.

The dashboard is configurable and can be accessed by project administrators from the settings page.

Typically, a reviewer would click on the Edit button next to a review, complete the review using the Review Form and then move onto the next review.

The review form is a series of questions spread over a mulit-page form.

The questions on the review form are customisable and can be changed by an administrator by editing the form.

Reviewing Dashboard

The reviewing dashboard is for project administrators only and can be found by clicking on the Reviewing link from the project home page.  It gives the administrator an overview of the reviewing process for the project.

On this page, the administrator can:

  • See statistics and feeds about the reviewing process
  • See lists of reviewers and add new reviewers to the project
  • Assign submissions to reviewers
  • View filtered lists of reviews
  • Inspect individual reviews.

For more information about reviewing, see our Help Articles.