This article is about the different roles that people have in a project.

Project Administrator

A project administrator has full access to a project.  They can configure it, edit forms, view all data and manage the people who interact with the project.  Project administrators are normally part of the event organiser's team.

Project Client

A project client is the customer of the organiser/administrator who needs to see the progress of the project.  They gain read only access to the project data and can browse submissions and reviews etc.  Project Clients have their own dashboard to give them an overview of their project.


A professional conference organiser (PCO) is running a conference on behalf of their client and are using Smart for running the conference.  The PCO's client wants to follow how the conference is progressing and so they are made a Project Client and given access to the Client Dashboard


A submitter is someone who submits a submission to the project as part of the submitting process.  They are normally an author of an abstract/paper/presentation or an applicant for an award.

Author / Contributor

An author is a person who contributes to a submission.  Not all submissions have authors (e.g. awards) and they may be turned off depending on how a project is configured.  Quite often an author is also a submitter.

Depending on your project settings, you may not have authors but other types of contributors to a submission e.g. Chair, Referee, Nominator.  The exact type of contributor will depend on the requirements of your project.


A reviewer is a person who inspects submissions and completes a review of those submissions using a review form as part of a reviewing process.


A moderator is a person who oversees the reviewing process and can see and manage information about reviewers and their reviews.


A customer is anyone who adds an item to a shopping basket or makes a purchase.

Attendees and Delegates

An attendee is a delegate or other guest at a conference/event who has a ticket that has been bought by a customer.  Often, an attendee will buy a ticket for themselves and they will be both an attendee and a customer.


A participant is anyone who is involved with a programme.  This can include submission presenters but also, chairs, moderators or anyone else who appears in the programme.


A recipient is anyone who has or will be sent an email message from within the software.