This article gives an overview of the submitting module in a Smart Project.

In Smart, submitting means the process where people submit data to a project.  This data can then be reviewed and published according to the needs of your project.

A person who submits data to a project is called a Submitter. The data that is submitted by a submitter is called a submission.  A submission could be an abstract, a paper, an award application, a competition entry, a survey response, a job application etc. 


An engineer may submit their academic abstract to a project for an Engineering Conference.

Within a project there are two main screens that are used for submitting:

  • My Submissions Dashboard
  • Submitting Dashboard

My Submissions Dashboard

This dashboard is a landing page for submitters to find out more about a project, add a submission and track progress of thier submissions.  The dashboard is configurable and can be accessed by project administrators from the settings page.

Typically, a submitter would click on the Add Submission button to add their submission using the Submission Form.

The submission form is a series of questions spread over a mulit-page form.

The questions on each form are customisable and can be changed by an administrator by editing the form.

Submitting Dashboard

The submitting dashboard is for project administrators only and can be found by clicking on the Submitting link from the project home page.  It gives the administrator an overview of the submissions in the project.

From here filtered lists of submissions can be viewed, individual submissions can be inspected and individual and bulk editing can be performed.

For more information about submitting, see our help articles.