Create Client

Create API Client

You need to create an API Client to enable 3rd party software to extract data from your Smart project.

Start off by going to your Settings page

Then click on the APIs tile


If the APIs tile is not visible then contact Smart Support to have it enabled for you project.

You will then be displayed a list of API clients for your project. To add a new API Client, click on Add API Client

Enter a name for the API Client (e.g. Smart Mobile App) and click Add


It is recommended that you put in the name of the 3rd party supplier AND the application in the API Client Name to help identify it later e.g. AwesomeApps Mobile App

You will then see your new API in the list of APIs.  Click on View to see the Client Id and Client Secret.


In these screenshots, the Client Secret has been masked.

Use the Client Id and Client Secret to access the data within your project through the Smart API, see Authenticating with the API.


Do not reveal the Client Id of Client Secret to anyone other than your 3rd party supplier requiring these to access your project's data.


It is recommended that you have a different API Client for each 3rd party application that is accessing your data so that you can easily control the access to individual applications without affecting other applications.