End Points

The Smart API has a number of URL endpoints that can be used for fetching data.


See Relationships to see how the different types of data are related to each other.


URL Description
Submissions Submissions, Papers, Abstracts, Symposia, Applications or any other type of submission.
Contributors Authors or any other type of contributor to a submission.
Submission Contributors Details of which authors/contributors are linked to which submissions.
Affiliations Details of the organisations linked to contributors and submissions.
Organisations Details of the organisations.


URL Description
Programmes The programmes that have been published for your event.
Entries The individual entries in your programme.
Entry Linked Objects Details of submissions, presenters etc linked to your programme entries.
Locations The locations in your programme.
Participants The participants in your programme e.g. Chairs, Key Speakers, Moderators, Co-Chairs etc.


URL Description
Project Project details
Attendees Delegates and other attendees of your event.
Files Fetch individual files by passing the Id of the file to the end point.