Create a new Person

This guide will take you through the steps required to create a new Person on the system. This is not the same as giving certain permissions/roles to a user, such as a reviewer - there are tools for adding in a person and giving them specific roles at the same time.

This guide is to be used when the person needs to be in the system before a separate task can be completed.  An example of this would be to change the submitter of a submissions to someone who is not already part of the project.

Step 1

Go to the People dashboard using the side bar navigation

Starting at your Project Home Page, click on the People button on the main navigation bar at the top to go to your People Dashboard:

Your Project Home Page.

Step 2

From the People Dashboard, click on the People tile to navigate to the list of people associated with this event:

A list of people for this event.


You may wish to search for the person to make sure you are not attempting to duplicate the same person.  Please see Finding People for more information.

Step 3

Click the Add Person button found above the gird:

The add person button.

Step 4

Enter the unique details for the person. The Email, First Name and Last Name fields are all required. Once the information has been entered, click Add to save the new person.

The Add Person Wizard.

You may find there are more fields that need to be entered before the system will accept the new person. These fields will vary from project to project and may or may not be required.

The system will point out any mistakes, duplications or missing fields otherwise the new person will be added to the project.  You will be taken back to the list of People which will update and you should see the new person in the list.  You may need to refresh the page if you cannot see the new person immediately.