Editing Person Details

Administrators can edit the Person data to fix typos and to change the email address that the person is using.

Click on the People button on the main navigation to go to the People Dashboard

Click on the People tile on the People Dashboard to go to see a list of people associated with your project.

In the People Grid, use the filters to find the person you want to edit and click on Edit


In the screenshot below, we have filtered on First Name of 'Sean' because we want to edit Sean Submitter

Edit the person details and click on Save when finished


If you can change the email address of a person, they will need to log in with the new email address. This will affect the person whether they are a Submitter, Reviewer, Moderator, Attendee, Author or Customer.  If the email address is new to Smart, then they will be treated as a new user and will need to create and account and provide a new password.


You cannot change the email address to one that is already in use by a person in your project

After you have Saved your changes, they will be displayed in the grid