Finding People

Sometimes you will need to find someone who has interacted with your project in someway, whether they are a submitter, author, reviewer, customer, attendee etc.  Follow these steps to find somebody and information about them.

Starting at your Project Home Page, click on the People button on the main navigation bar at the top to go to your People Dashboard:

Click on the People tile to see a list of all people

Find the person using the First Name, Last Name and/or Email filters.  In this example, the email address has been filtered. 

Click on View button next to the person to see their details.

From the person screen, you will see basic details about the person but also information about whether they are a submitter, attendee etc.  In this example, the person is both a Submitter and a Customer

Click on the available button(s) to see more details about that person in the specified role.


Click Customer button to find out about items the person is buying.