Project Settings Screen

The Settings screen is used to control all aspects of how a project is configured.

Edit Settings

The screen is split into three parts

The search bar can be used to find a specific setting.

Edit Settings

Type in a word to filter down to the relevant settings.


Type Paper to find any settings for managing Papers in your project. All other settings are hidden so you can focus on the ones of interest.

Edit Settings

Use the Clear button to clear your search and show all available settings.

The navigation pane on the left hand side lets you quickly find the group of settings you want to work on.

Navigation Pane

Click on a section to expand the Section and then click on the Group to scroll to that group within the Settings.


In the screenshot above, the Project section has the groups General Settings, Appearance etc.


The navigation may not take you to a section if you have types in a search phrase in the Search box that causes the section to be hidden.


Settings are split into Sections and then Groups.


This screenshot shows the Project section and the General Settings group

Settings Pane

Scroll the page to browse the settings or use the Search or Navigation to find the setting you require.

Settings with a ? in the corner have online-help to give you more information.

Click on a setting bar or a button within the bar to control the setting


In this screenshot, clicking the highlighted setting will take you to the Workflow Editor for the ST1 workflow.

Settings Pane


The information pane gives basic information about your project and any other messages.

Information Pane

See Settings for details about individual settings.