Checking Project Details

This guide will help you review and set a number of fields within your project.

To check the details of your Project the first thing you will want to do is head over to the settings page (Top Tip: click on the gear icon in the top right of any admin page to be taken directly to the Settings page)

Once in the settings page, click on Edit.

This will bring you you the Edit Project Page. Here you can view and edit settings related to your project.

Name: You can change the name of your project

Code: The Code name for your Project - this is not recommended unless you have spoken to a member of the support team - please email us at

Title: The name of the conference.

Venue: The location of the conference.

Email Reply Address: The email address that emails will be sent to when a recipient clicks on the Reply button

Email From: This will be the Email used as the Conference Email.

Email BCC: This will be the Email that the Blind Carbon Copy's will be sent to.

Help Me Email: The email address submitters and reviewers will send their help requests to.

Event Start Date: The date the event will start.

Event End Date: The date the event will finish

Submission Deadline:  The date submissions will no longer be accepted.

Review Deadline: The date reviews will need to be finished by.

Project Logo: Here you can upload you event's logo by dragging and dropping an image over this control.

Shared Files: Any additional files to be hosted by Smart for your project

Email Header: The header to be used on all outgoing emails (this generally consists of an event logo).

Email Signature: A signature to be used on all outgoing emails

You can also edit the content of various dashboard tiles nd slide out windows by editing the content of the associated field.  These are dynamic, but include fields such as:

Project Information: This text appears on the My Submissions dashboard and is the first text your submitter will read about your event.  This can be rich content (HTML) so we encourage you to format the text with as much creativity as possible.  Images, videos, colours, different fonts are all examples of what can be supported.

Submitter's Help: The helpful text a submitter sees when they click on the Help button

Reviewer's Help: The helpful text a reviewer sees when they click on the Help button

N.B. Both of these fields or rich text (HTML) so it could be a good idea to include screenshots if you think it will help you submitter/reviewer with the process.

There are lots of other dynamic fields that can be changed - these will depend on the exact configuration of your project.  The same principle applies to all fields:

Step 1) Locate the field you wish to change.

Step 2) Make the change you wish to see.

Step 3) Click Save to save your changes.