Setting a Project Deadline or Date

You can set various deadlines for your project, for example a reviewing deadline or submission deadline.

To do so, you must first go to the Settings page by clicking on the Cog on the main navigation

Once at the Settings page, click on the Edit Dates button

You will now be shown an edit screen with all the dates configured for your project.

Click on the Deadline would want to change and a calendar interface will appear.

Here you can set the month by clicking on the arrows either side of the month at the top.

You can choose the day by clicking on the corresponding date in the table.

you can adjust the time by dragging the Hours and Minute sliders.

The time will use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and not your local time zone.

Once you have set your time and date click Done.

When you have edited allyour dates, click Save to save your changes.