Reporting Overview

Smart has a number of reports that can be produced by Administrators.

These include Document reports such as Invoices, Abstract Books etc and Table reports such as Submission Lists, Review Lists etc.

The Reporting page can be found on the Side Navigation Bar.

The Reporting page is made of the following parts

  • Report List
  • Search
  • Filters
  • History

Report List

The main part of the page shows a list of all available reports that match the currently selected filters and search.

Each tile represents a single report that you can create and has the following features

Feature Description
Report Number The unique number for this report.  This is useful when searching for a specific report.  The numbers are always unique in the list but they can change if new reports are added to the list.
Title The title of the report.  This is used when searching for the report using the search bar.
Description A brief description of what the report will contain.  Click the Create button to see a more detailed description.
Included Data Icons indicating the type of data that will be included in the report.  Click on the icons to get more information.
Format The format for the report.  The first icon indicates if the report is a Single File or a Zip containing Multiple Files.  The second icon indicates if the report is a Document or Table.
Preview Click the Preview button to preview the report in a side panel to get an idea of what the final report will look like before committing to produce the report.
Edit Click the Edit button to edit the template used for building this report. For Document reports you will be able to edit the HTML using merge fields. For Table reports you will be able to change the columns included in the report and the order in which they appear.
Create Click the Create button to get options for creating the report and to produce the final report you require
Favourite Click the Favourite icon to mark the report as a favourite.  Favourite reports always get listed at the top of the page. Click the icon again to un-favourite the report. (See Favourite Reports below)
Hide Click the Hide icon to hide the report from the list. (See Hiding Reports below)


Not all reports have a preview.


Not all reports have an editable template.

The Search bar at the top of the page can be used to find specific reports

Type in any search words to find matching reports


Type in Abstract to find the Abstract Book

Search words are saved for next time you visit the reporting page and so use the Clear Search button to clear out your search when you want to see more reports.


Use the Filters to only show reports that contain the data selected in the filters.

Click on any item in the list of Filters to apply the filter and re-click it to remove the filter.


The history panel shows the last 10 reports that you created for the current project.  Click on any of the reports to see the report. Use the View All button if you wish to see more than the last 10.

Favourite Reports

You can mark any reports as Favourite by clicking on the Favourite icon in the top right hand corner of the report tile.

Favourite reports appear at the top of the list for quick access.  If you have more than one Favourite then they are placed in alphabetical order.

Hiding Reports

You can hide any reports that you do not use by clicking on the Hide icon in the top right hand corner of the report tile.

Once clicked, the tile will be removed from the page.  It will remain hidden even when re-visiting the reporting page later.

You can view hidden reports by clicking on the Hide icon next to the search bar:

Hidden reports will then be displayed with an Eye icon

Click on the the Eye icon on the report tile to unhide the report tile.

If you no longer wish to see hidden reports then click on the Eye icon next to the search bar.