Reviewing Checklist

These are the steps to follow for reviewing:

1. Close Submissions


This step is optional

Switch off the Add Submission button by changing the settings. (See Closing Submissions)

2. Prepare Submissions

Make sure your submissions are ready to be reviewed.  Submissions that you would like to review must be in a Review status.

More information here: Getting Submissions Ready for Review


For your project, the review status may be called Review, Abstract Review, Paper Review or something else

3. Set Reviewing Deadline

Make sure the reviewing deadline is correctly set.  Find out how to do that here: Editing Project Settings

4. Add Reviewers

Add Reviewers to your project.

5. Assign Reviewers

Assign reviewer/submissions - use filters to sort the specialist areas/tracks for reviewers and submissions. More details here: Assigning Submissions

6. Test Reviewing Form

Test the reviewing form.  Please take a look at this guide: Making Changes to Your Forms

7. Set up Reviewer Email

Setup the outgoing email to reviewers.  There are a number of templates available, we recommend the All Reviewers With Reviews template.

Directions on how to test and send the template are here: Testing and Sending Templates

8. Send Reviewer Email

Send the email.  Following on from above, once you are happy with the email, and all the previous steps have been completed, you should be ready to create and send the emails.

9. Finished


Congratulations. You have started reviewing!

Watch the progress from your reviewing Reviewing Dashboard.