Allowing Submitters to see Reviews

For some projects, it's a great idea to let submitters see the reviews that have been made about their submissions.  On other projects, this information needs to be kept private.  Sometimes, you want submitters to see reviews but only allow them to see some of the review fields and not others.

There are two settings to consider when controlling how submitters see reviews.

  1. Control whether submitters can see their reviews.
  2. Control what fields in the review are visible to submitters.

1. Control whether reviews are visible to submitters.

Starting at your project home page, go to the Settings page by clicking on the cog in the top right hand corner:

From the settings page, click on Review Settings

Find the switch in the Reviewing section called Allow submitters to see reviews and turn it on and off as required.

Once turned on, any completed reviews that don't have a conflict of interest will become available for submitters to see from their My Submissions dashboard.  Submitters will be able to click on the Reviews button inside their submission tiles:

This will show a slide out panel where they can scroll through the reviews on that submission.  They will only see the review fields that have not been hidden.

2. Control what fields in the review are visible to submitters.

When a review form is set up, we'll make sure that fields like Conflict of Interest, Internal Comments etc are automatically hidden from submitters.

But we can customise your project to control which fields are visible and which are hidden from the submitter.


You may ask your reviewers 10 questions and want answers to 7 of them to be visible and 3 of them to be hidden to submitters.

Contact us at Smart Support and we can configure it as you like.