Hide Fields from a Reviewer

When Reviewers are completing their Reviews for a Submission they will be able to view the submission and most of the fields in it.

There may be some Submission fields that contain sensitive data that need to be hidden from Reviewers.

To hide a Submission field from a Reviewer, carry out the following steps.

Edit Data Definition

  • Go to the View Submission page for a single Submission that contains the field(s) to be hidden.

  • Click on the Edit Fields button to open up the Data Definition Editor.

  • Select the Field Defintion to edit.

  • Click on Edit next to Visibility in the toolbox.

  • Find the Hidden setting and click on Add

  • Choose Submission Reviewer from the Role dropdown.

  • Click Close.

  • Click Close.


  • Log on as a Reviewer and make sure the field is no longer visible when editing a review.