Review Types Settings

Review Types have a number of settings to control how Reviews behave.

These can be changed at any time from the Edit Settings screen.

Allow Additional Reviewers to see Reviews

Indicate if Additional Reviewers are allowed to see reviews of this review type.

Allow Auto Hide Reviewer Dashboard Reviews

Indicate if a table of reviews on the MyReviews page should have completed reviews hidden from view. This setting only applies to the basic MyReviews table and not the advanced MyReviews table. |

Allow submitters to see Reviews

This setting indicates if the submitter of the review's associated submission is allowed to see the review. This will grant access to the review object but the visibility of individual fields within the review is controlled by Field Visibility Settings.

Allow Reviewers to review own submission

If turned on, it will be possible to Assign a submission to a reviewer where the Reviewer is a contributor or submitter of the submission. |

Each Review has a Linked Submission Status.

This setting controls the list of available Submission Statuses that may be used for a review's Linked Submission Status.


Only Review status types are allowed to be added.


A review can be linked to the Abstract Review status.