Review Mode

A Reviewing Type can be in one of two modes:


  • GradingReview
  • Moderation

The Review Mode is set when Adding a Reviewing Type and cannot be changed once the Reviewing Type has been created.

Grading Review

Grading Review mode is used for normal reviewing or judging. It enables Reviewers to log-in and provide grades and feedback for a set of submissions.


Moderation mode is used for moderators who are overseeing the reviewing process. This is normally used by Committees or other senior reviewers.

See Moderating.


Within Smart, the normal naming conventions used for the different labels for each Review Mode are:

Label Type Grading Review Mode Moderation Mode
Review Review Allocation
Assign Assign Allocate
Assigned Assigned Allocated
Reviewer Reviewer Moderator


These labels are just the convention adopted by Smart but any labels may be used for any Reviewing Type or Review Type.

Reviewing Type
Review Type