Adding a Programme

In order to use add a Programme to your project you will first need to make sure that Programmes are enabled on your project.

You can do this by heading over to the Settings Page.

Then click on the Switches Tile.

This will take you to the switches page, scroll down to the Publishing section and check to see if the Programmes switch is on. If it is switched off then you will need to contact Smart Support to set up the programme for you.

Just switching this on will not enable all programme features. You can contact us at Smart Support.

If Programmes have been been enabled by Smart then you will need to head over to the Publishing Tab.

Here you will need to click on the Programmes Tile.

This will take you to the Programmes Grid. Here you will see a list of programmes if you already have some created.

Click on Add Programme to create your programme.

This will bring up a slide out panel. Here you can name your programme and choose the Definition from a drop down menu.

Once you have done that click on Add.

Your programme will now appear in the Programmes Grid.

Click Here to See how to use the Programme Editor.