Using the Programme Builder

Once Programmes have been added to your project you can start buildingyour programmes.

First head over to the Publishing Tab and click on the Programmes Tile.

This will take you to the Programmes Grid where you can see a list of all your project Programmes.

Click on the Edit Button on the corresponding Programme you wish to edit.

This will bring up the Programme Builder.

On the left you can see the dates and times of your conference.

On the right is everything you need to add to the Programme, split up into 5 tabs.

Programme Details

In this tab you can edit information such as the name of the programme, the time zone it uses.

To change the Dates and times that the programme uses click on the date that is already there and a calender will pop up.

You can chose the month by clicking on the arrows either side of the month at the top.

You can choose the day by clicking on the dates in the middle.

You can adjust the time by dragging the Hour and Minute sliders.

When you're happy with the dates and time click done to save the changes.

You can change the Time slot size by clicking the arrows to the right.

Clicking the up arrow will add a minute to each time slot and clicking the downwards arrow will subtract a minute.

You can also add entries in this tab by clicking Add Entry.

This will bring up a List of all the entries you can put into your Programme.

There are a few different types of entries.

Session: These are container entries that you can place slot entries inside.

Slot: These are slots for submissions, once added to the programme you can select which submission it uses.

Break: This jest represents a scheduled break.

You can add the entries to the Programme by clicking and dragging them over to the left side and placing them on the desired time.

To add an entry to a session just click and drag it over to the session.