Online Programme

The online programme is a set of public facing webpages that any user can browse.

The online programme does not require users to log in in order to access it.

The process for creating an online programme for a project is

  • Make sure Programme is enabled in settings
  • Make sure Programme Browser is enabled in settings
  • Create a Programme
  • Publish the Programme

The online programme is accessible through


There is no way to navigate to the Interactive Programme at the moment from within the software.


The Interactive Online Programme is currently in BETA and not yet fully operational

When a programme is published, the contents of the programme are used with a number of Page Templates to produce html content. See Publish Process.

This html content is then cached.  When users visit the online programme, they fetch this cached content which is much faster than building the page content on demand. See Data Source.

The list of Filters is created dynamically based on the data in the current page. See Filters.

Entry Definition Type, Date, and Linked Objects (e.g. Chairs) are automatically added.

Multiple Choice Field Definitions are added if the Publish Filter Field Definition Attribute is turned on for the Field Definition