Online Programme Data Source

When a user visits the Online Programme the page content to be displayed is fetched from the server.

The server can choose to either fetch the content that was created when the online programme was last published OR it can build the content on the fly using the live data in the project.

Source Description
Live Fetch live data from the project, convert it to JSON and use it with the Page Template to build the page content.
Published Fetch the html that was generated during the last publish.

The Online Programme defaults to the Published data source.

Only Administrators can change the data source to Live. All other users will use the Published data source.

Administrators can toggle the Data Source between Live and Published by using the Admin Toolbar.

Live vs Published

The Published data source can be used  by all users to see what is currently published.  The Published data source caches the entire html for the page and is very fast for users to use.

When administrators are making changes to Page Templates and other settings that would affect how a Page is displayed it is useful to use the Live data source so that the changes can be seen in real time without having to wait for the publish process to complete.

The Live data source can be slow because it needs to fetch data from the database, convert it to JSON, and then use it with the Page Template to produce the HTML.

Some pages, like the main programme page, can take 20-30 seconds to build using the Live data source. Whereas a page that displays a single Entry will be much faster because there is less data to fetch.