Administrators may impersonate other people involved in their Project.

Impersonation enables an Administrator to view screens and carry out tasks as if they were actually logged on as the impersonated user.


Goto the View Person screen to impersonate a Person


Impersonation must be enabled for a project in order to use it.

This is useful if you want to carry out some work on behalf of another user or if you want to see the same screen as another user in order to trouble shoot or provide assistance.


Adam is an administrator for his project and impersonates a submitter, Susan, so that he can complete a submission on her behalf.


Susan is having problems using the submission form and asks for help. Adam, the administrator, impersonates Susan so that he can have the same experience as Susan and offer troubleshooting tips.

Restricted Pages

The person being impersonated may not have access to the same screens as the Administrator doing the impersonation.

In these cases, the Administrator will be displayed the same error page that the user would be displayed.

In order to see the page correctly again, the Administrator will need to Stop impersonating the user.

Project Scope

It is only possible to impersonate a single person in a single project at any one time.

If you navigate to a different project then you will no longer impersonate that user and will revert back to yourself.

If you then navigate back to the original project, impersonation will resume.

Impersonating Administrators

It is not possible for an Administrator to impersonate another Administrator


Only System Administrators are able to impersonate normal Administrators.