Security Settings

Login Methods

Users can log into Smart using a varierty of methods.  All these methods are available for each project by default but individual methods can be turned on and off.

Method Description
Email Users can enter an email address and password. Passwords must follow the Password Policy.
Social Users can login using one of Google, LinkedIn or Facebook social logins to speed up their signing in process.
Single Sign On Users can login automatically and seamlessly from 3rd party systems. See Single Sign On.

Strong Login

By default each project requires users to login using their email address and password or a social login (See Login Methods).

Once they complete this, they are able to use the Smart software.

Optionally, a project can have Strong Login turned on which will enforce the following for a project

  • Two Form Authentication
  • 90 day password expiry policy (This is in addition to the normal Password Policy)

Two Form Authentication


Multi Form Authentication has been replaced with Two Form Authentication

If two form authentication is enabled then users will be asked to carry out a second authentication step once they have completed the main sign in.

See Two Form Authentication for more details.


Users who sign in with Single Sign On are not required to complete Two Form Authentication.   The source system is given complete trust for authentication and users will be signed into they system seamlessly.