How to Change the Submitter of a Submission

Sometimes, it's necessary for an Administrator to change the Submitter on a Submission.

For security reasons, we cannot currently allow edits to the email address for a user. The solution when the email address needs to be changed or if it contains typos, is to create a new user and swap any existing submissions linked to the original email address to the new email address.

Essentially, this is the same as changing the submitter from one user to another as users are uniquely identified by their email address.

The new person

The first step is to identify whether the new submitter is an existing person in the project: Finding People.

If they do not already exist, you will need to add them in. (See Create a new Person).

Changing the submitter

The submissions linked with the old Submitter/email address now needs to be associated with the new Submitter/email address.

Step 1

Navigate to the Submissions List

Submissions List

Step 2

Filter the list of submissions to find the old Submitter.


Type in any part of the submitter’s name or email address into the Submitter column's filter box.

Step 3

Select the submissions associated with that submitter that you wish to change.


Use the Select All check box in the top right left corner of the grid to select them all.

Step 4

Click the Edit Selected Submissions (X) button above the grid:

Header Buttons

Step 5

Choose the Submitter field from the list of fields to change and then choose the new submitter from the list of People in the next dropdown:


Make sure you choose the submitter with the correct email address.

Informing the submitter

If the new Submitter has logged into Smart before then they will see their submssions the next time they log in. You just need to let the submitter know that the submissions have been transferred to them.

If you created a new submitter account, you will need to contact the new submitter and explain they will need to log in with the correct email address. See Creating a User Account.