Checking & Testing Forms

This article is split up into two parts.

  • Checking your forms
  • Testing your forms

Checking your forms

First you will need to navigate over to your settings page by clicking on the gear icon up on the top right of your page, at the end of the navigation bar

From there click on the forms button.

This will take you to the Forms page where it lists all the forms associated with your project.

Testing the Forms

In order to test your forms you will have to create a submission of your own. To do that you will need to head over to the submitting page.

Then you will want to click submissions.

On this page you will see all of the submissions that have been submitted so far. To create a new submission, click on Add New Submission.

This will produce a slide out panel from the side where you are able to choose the submitter for the new submission. This list is comprised of the people already available in the People page of the admin system.

If you would like to add a submitter to test with, please take a look at this guide on How To Add People.

After selecting your submitter from the drop down menu click add and view. This will take you the the empty submission. 

Now click Edit Using Form.

This will bring up the submission form as a submitter would see it.

If you come across something you need to change, please refer to thisguide to editing forms