Editing Authors

Authors are people who have been associated with one or more submissions in your project.  They are normally added to submissions by submitters using a submission form.

Administrators can edit authors to fix typos and to change their data such as biographies.

Start by clicking on the People button on the main navigation to go to the People Dashboard

On the People Dashboard, click on the Authors tile

You will see a list of all authors in your project.

Use the filters to find the Author you want to edit and click on Edit next to them. In the edit slide out screen, you can make the changes as required and then click on Save when finished.


Depending on your project settings, the email address may be mandatory or optional for the Author.  In the example above, the email is optional and so can be left blank. If an email address is entered, then the Author will be able to log in. You cannot enter an email address that is being used by another person in your project.

If there are any invalid fields then you will be alerted to the problem and prompted to Force Save the Author.  In most cases, if you are making minor edits then this will be fine.  However, if a previously valid Author is made invalid, it will affect any submissions that are associated with that Author.

Once the Author is saved, the grid will update to show your changes.


Changes to First Name, Last Name or Email will affect all roles this person is in. E.g. if the Author is also a submitter then the submitter First Name, Last Name and Email will also be updated because they are the same person.