Merging Affiliations / Organisations

Sometimes, two or more affiliations will be added to authors that should be the same but are actually different records.

This can lead to repetitive and contradictory data for your submissions.


Author 1 has an affiliation of Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom Author 2 has an affiliation of University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

In these scenarios, it is useful to merge Organisations together so that your data is cleaned up and published reports, indexes and mobile apps contain the highest quality of data.

Navigate to the Project Home Page using the navigation at the top of the screen.

Click on the Organisations tile to go the Organisations Grid

Here, all the organisations used in your project are displayed.

Use the sort and filters to find duplicate entries.

In this example, we have sorted in descending alphabetical order and can see two entries for Woolsey Institution.  Also, one of them has been spelt incorrectly.

Select any duplicates using the check boxes in the left column. and click on the Merge Selected button above the grid.  A screen will slide out asking you to set the data you wish to use for your merged organisation.

The slide out screen pre-fills the form with suggested data for the merged organisation.  Make any edits you required and then click on Merge.


You will be able to edit the merged organisation at anytime later if you wish to change your mind on what values to use for the organisation fields. (See Editing Organisations)

After merging, the organisations grid will be updated to show the merged organisation.  


Any submissions and authors using these organisations will be automatically updated.