Edit a Workflow

Workflow Editor

The workflow editor shows the statuses available for a submission.


A workflow for an academic conference may have the following statuses defined:
- Draft
- Abstract Review
- Paper Upload
- Paper Review
- Paper Rework
- Accepted
- Rejected


A workflow for an award application may have the following statuses defined:
- Draft
- Review Round One
- Review Round Two
- Accepted
- Rejected

The Workflow editor is split into two parts.

  • The list of statuses
  • The toolbox

Status List

The list of statuses shows all the statuses currently configured for the Workflow.

The order of the statuses can be changed by clicking and dragging them to their new position.

Clicking on a Status will select it and its details will be displayed in the Toolbox.


The toolbox is where changes to the Workflow and the Statuses can be made.

The toolbox has two tabs

Workflow Details

This tab gives summary information about the Workflow.

The Name of the workflow can be edited here.


See Name for suggestions on what name to use for a Workflow.

Status Details