Submission Status Settings

Each Submission Status can have a number of Settings controlled through the Edit Settings screen.

This article describes the Settings that are available and what they do.

Some settings are applied to the Status and some settings are applied to the Sub Status.


The Submission Status is not allowed to be selected by the specified role.

This is useful when allowing moderators to accept or reject a submission but you don't want them to be able to move the submission into any other status.


Abstract Draft submission is made unselectable to Project Moderators.

Include In Report Options

Add this status as an option to the report chooser when building a report.


If Accepted status has this setting turned on then submission reports will include the option of Accepted Submissions.

MySubmissions Submitter Text Colour

The MySubmissions page displays Submissions to Submitters so that they can track the progress of their submissions.

This setting allows the colour of the text to be changed depending on the status.


The Rejected status needs to be displayed with red text but
The Accepted status needs to be displayed with green text.

Any valid CSS can be used.




This setting only affects text displayed in the submissions grid on the My Submissions page. If your project is using tiles for displaying submissions then the text colour will not be changed.


Throughout its lifecycle, a submission it will pass through various Statuses.


Draft -> Review -> Accepted

Some of the statuses will mean that the submission is no longer part of the project and should be generally ignored.

The Included setting tells the system which statuses indicate that the submission is still part of the project.


Draft-Complete, Review, Accepted are marked as Included
Draft-Incomplete, Rejected are not marked as Included

The Included setting is used in dashboards and reports to pick out submissions that an Administrator would be intersted in and to ensure submissions that are no longer part of the process are ignored.


Submissions in this full status will be made available for publishing in programmes and apps.