Each project has a process that is followed during the lifetime of the project.

This process varies depending on the requirements of the project and what the project administrator is trying to achive using the Smart software.


A project may start off by collecting submissions from submitters, then reviewing them and finally deciding which submissions will be accepted or rejected.

In Smart, each submission has a Submission Status that controls the stage in the process that the submission is in and the behaviour of the submission when it is in that status.


A submission could be in Draft status being edited by a submitter.


A submission could be in Review status being reviewed by a reviewer.

The statuses that are available for a submission are defined within the Workflow.


A Workflow may define the statuses of Draft, Review, Accepted, Rejected.

A Workflow can have as many Submission Statuses as required by the project.

Each Submission Type can have its own Workflow so that submissions of different types can follow their own process.


Workflows can be viewed and managed on the Workflows List page.



A Workflow has a name that is unique within the project.

The Name can contain Alphanumeric characters and spaces.

The Name is normally the same as the Submission Type that is using the Workflow but it does not have to be.


A workflow used by the Guest Speaker Presentations submission type may also be called Guest Speaker Presentations


A workflow used by both the Prestige Award submission type and the Enterprise Award submission type may be called Awards because it is used by more than one submission type.