Administrator Support

There are a number of ways for an Administrator to get support and help when using the Smart software:

Page Help

Most pages have an "?" icon in the top right hand corner that will give you help on the page you are on. Click on it to find out more about your page and what you can do.


Send an email to where your request will automatically be logged in our helpdesk system.

Here it will be prioritised and actioned by one of our support team members.

Help Me

The Help Me button appears on the right hand side of every page.

When clicked it will send an email + screenshot to the Smart Support team where it will be logged in our helpdesk system.


Non-administrators also have the Help Me button but this is normally configured to send an email to project administrators.

Live Chat


This feature is only available on certain support packages. See Pricing for more information

Live chat enables Administrators to get an instant response from a member of our support team.


Live chat uses real people, not bots.


Our online Documentation (which this help article belongs to) provides comprehensive help about all the features in the Smart software.


If you can't find the article or have a suggestion for a new help article then please email us at