Testing Submitting a Submission


Make sure you set up Test Accounts before you start testing.


This test uses a Submitter test account

Visit the MySubmissions page for your project.

You should see some buttons for adding submissions


Add Submission
Add Paper
Add Proposal

Click on one of the Add Submission buttons.

You will be redirected to an blank submission form.

Complete the form checking the following

  • Question prompts are correct
  • Guidance notes are correct
  • Embeded Hyperlinks are correct (E.g. template document downloads)
  • Question validation is correct
  • Rules for contributors (e.g. Authors, Speakers, Organisers, Presenters) are correct e.g. min/max numbers, fields collected
  • Rules for affiliations are correct e.g. min/max number, fields collected
  • Multiple choice question options are correct
  • Page headings and Page labels (at bottom) are correct

Check the summary page of the form looks correct.

Check the submit form button is working as expected.

After submitting, you will be returned back to the MySubmissions landing page.

Here you will see your new submission as either a Tile or in a Table/Grid


If you have more than one Add Submission button then test them all.


If your project is configured to limit the number of submissions a submitter can add then please test that this is working correctly.

If there are any problems then please Contact Support