Test Accounts

It is best to test using different logins so that you can get the full experience for the different types of user of the software.

We recommend that in addition to your main Administrator account, you have test accounts for the following types of user:

Type Description
Submitter Use this to check the submitter's experience of the software
Reviewer Use this to check the reviewer's experience of the software
Moderator Use this to check the moderator's experience of the software (if applicable)

Create Email Addresses

Each test account will need its own email address. You could:

  • Use a personal email address
  • Create a new email address with a free email provider such as gmail or hotmail
  • Set up special test email addresses at your organisation.



It may be useful to have more than one test account for each type and so use a number to indicate different accounts:



Create Account

Once your email addresses have been created, visit the MySubmissions page for your project and Create a User Account by entering the email address and password.


It is recommended that you do not use social logins (e.g. Google) for your test accounts

Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, you will be prompted for a First Name and Last Name for the test account. We recommend you use names that would also help you keep track or your various test accounts.


Set reviewer1@mycompany.com with the name "Richard Reivewer"
Set submitter1@mycompany.com with the name "Simon Submitter"


The Firefox browser has a Containers feature that enables you to be logged on as different users at the same time. This makes it easy to swap between different accounts whilst testing without having to continually log out and in again.


If your project allows it then use Impersonation to test using other user accounts

Now that you have test accounts set up, you can Start Testing.