Add a Button Tile to the Dashboard

The following steps describes how to add a new button to the MySubmissions, MyModerations or MyReviews dashboards that will open up a slide out information panel.

Go to the Data Definitions List.

Find the Project Data Definition in the list and click on Edit

Add a new MultiLineRichText Field Definition

Give the Field Definition a name


If adding a help tile to the MySubmissions dashboard, you might call it SubmitterHelp

Click on the Edit button in the Dashboard section

Add Button

Add a Show Dashboard Content Slide Out setting.

Add Setting

Choose the dashboard you want the button to appear on from the drop down. Enter the text you want to appear on the button.


In this screenshot we are adding a button that says Help to the MySubmissions dashboard.

Add Setting

Click on Close

Click on Close to exit the Data Definition editor

The button will now appear on your dashboard.


You may need to reset the dashboard for it to show.

Editing the content of the slide out panel

To edit the content of the panel, goto the Settings Page and click on the Dashboard Content tile.

Scroll to the box for your new tile and edit the content

Edit Content

Click on Save at the bottom of the page