Rearranging Dashboards

You can rearrange various dashboards in your project to suit your needs.

To start, navigate yourself to the dashboard you wish to alter. you can do this by heading to settings.

scroll down to the bottom to find the Project Links section which link to all the dashboards other types of users will see.

For the sake of this tutorial we will be doing the Submitters Home Page, the page all submitters will see before making their submissions. You may notice an Edit Dashboard button, click that to start moving things around.

Every time you make a change your changes will be saved. 

Now when you hover over over the tiles little icons will appear on them. You can also click and drag any tile to move them around.

- Click this icon to bring up the Edit slide out menu.

- Click this icon to remove the tile. Be careful, you will have to reset the dashboard in order to get the tile back.

- Click and drag on this icon to resize the tile.

In the slide out edit menu, you can change the look of your tiles.

Show Background - This makes the tiles background colour visible or not.

Show Border - Makes the tiles border visible.

Show Curved Corners - This rounds off the corners of the tile.

Show shadow - Toggle a shadow underneath the tile.

Text - Here you can change the text displayed on your tile.

Icon - Here you can change the tiles icon.

Colour - Here you can change the colour of the tile.

Style - This changes the style of the icon to better suit its size.

Once you have finished making changes click on Finish Editing. If you don't like what you have done and want to start over, click Reset Dashboard.