Using the advanced filter

The advanced filter allows you to create more advance filters, including lists of items such as reference numbers.

Not all columns have an advanced filter option available, where it is available, the advanced filter icon will appear in the column header.

Click the icon and an additional text area will appear to the right of the grid.

Type in your filter text items.  You may use multiple lines to filter the submissions to a list of items, each new filter item should be on a new line. This is useful to copy and paste a list of reference numbers directly into the filter text area.  Click Apply to apply the new filter items to the grid.

Use the Clear button to clear the text area and use Close to go back to the grid with the filter still applied.


For reference numbers, you should use the four digit reference number to select individual submissions.  Using a one, two or three digit number will cause the system to find any submissions that are a part match.  For instance, if you enter just 7, the system will find all submissions that have a 7 anywhere in the reference number, including 0017, 0172 etc.
To obtain the submission with a reference number of 0007, the full number should be used: 0007